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hamiltonjet 470


The HamiltonJet 470 is the next design evolution of one of New Zealand’s most popular and proven recreational jet boat models, the HamiltonJet 151.

Taking the base 151 hull, HamiltonJet has increased the strength of the delta keel and hull bottom and reconfigured the hull strakes to improve lift and cornering performance. The result is a stronger boat that tracks smoothly and turns tightly and consistently in all conditions.

Recommended HP: 250hp-420hp

Kitboat availability: NO


  • Length 4.7m

  • Deadrise 16 degrees

  • Keel Plate 10mm/12mm

  • Hull sides and bow sections 5mm

  • Sides 3mm

  • Cockpit width 1.5m

  • Cockpit length 2.6m

  • Side height (chine to gunwhale) 530mm

Links to engine supplier pages:

  • Kodiak

  • Marine power

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